• #danSOUP Oct 2020

    29 October 2020


    We are absolutely thrilled to announce joint winners of #dansoup. The competition from all 4 pitches was stiff. But there could only be one winner, well...until the panellists flouted tradition and declared joint winners! The winners are:


    1) Blue Tonic, who will provide restorative activities in blue settings
    2) The Island, helping young men to work with songwriters and illustrators to express their feelings

    Congratulations and look forward to hearing how you use the money to benefit good mental health.


    Every May and October usually during Mental Health Awareness Week s we run #SOUP events. The audience hear 4 pitches for projects that use the arts (creative activities) to address mental health issues. Everybody pays a fiver for a bowl of soup and all those fivers go into a pot to be given to the winning project. The audience vote for the winner. The events also receive funding support from Lubrizol and the Institute of Mental Health so there is at least £500 in the pot to be won.


    For our #lockdown event in May 20 we ran online for the very first time and opened applications to Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire - hence #danSOUP.

    Our next event is May 2021.

  • 4 Projects Pitch

    • Lauren Kinnersley - Naturally Creative
    • Scott Clayton and Paul Dickens - Blue Tonic
    • Benjamin Felstead - The Island
    • Ben Sherwin - Painting Nottinghamshire

    Lauren Kinnersley - Naturally Creative

    Scott Clayton and Paul Dickens - Blue Tonic

    Benjamin Felstead - The Island

    Ben Sherwin - Painting Nottinghamshire

  • Previous winners

    We run SOUP events twice a year in May and October.

    From May 2020 we expanded from #nottsSOUP to #danSOUP to fund ideas from Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire.

    May 2020

    Gaby Goodchild for The Happy Eating Project -

    An online guided course and creative activities to guide parent and their child ‘step by step’ towards body and food confidence.


    May 2020

    Helen Woodford for an online art club to provide a safe space for people suffering from anxiety and a chance to make beautiful art.

    October 19

    The Allotment Project and Rob Hann with his book written for children to read to grandparents in care homes.

    May 19

    Two projects using circus skills for building confidence - one with homeless people and the other for people suffering from specific mental illnesses.

    Oct 18

    Lets Talk About Loss for When Words Hurt, an exhibition of images of grief created by young people. Details and film

    May 18

    A monthly craft club designed to build community & create a safe space.

    Oct 17

    ‘Girls Empowered’ a programme to raise aspiration, build self-belief and develop resilience to help girls growing up in disadvantaged wards in Nottingham handle challenges.

    May 17

    Craft workshops to be held in care homes for elderly people with dementia. Previous winners also include a quiet garden space for relatives of a stillborn child.

  • The #danSOUP panel

    asking insightful questions are:

    Karen Clegg

    Lou Rudkin

    Theo Stickley

  • Karen Clegg is a professional Graphic Designer, artist and musician. She is currently the chair of Lubrizol's Charity and Community Committee which has proudly supported our #soup events for the last few years with a £250 donation.

    Lou Rudkin is Head of Communications for the Institute of Mental Health at the University of Nottingham. Her work varies from promoting the latest mental health research to creating new community projects and helping the general public to get involved in research.
    Dr Theo Stickley initially trained as a mental health nurse and a psychotherapeutic counsellor. He taught at the University of Nottingham for twenty years before retiring in 2019. His research focused on arts and mental health and he is a renowned speaker and writer on the subject. He also led on local projects including Arts on Prescription (with City Arts, 2004-14), East Midlands Arts & Health.

  • #danSOUP organisers

    Planning meeting pre-lockdown!

    Emma, Jane & Jeanne

    We were not to know this would be our last meeting and those laptops would take centre-stage for organising May 2020 #danSoup and then October #danSoup!

    Emma Torrance is co-owner of THiNK, an organisation to nurture creativity, enterprise and do good through and with businesses. She's an independent business adviser and mentor with tons of experience working with freelancers, small businesses and social enterprises.

    Jane North runs online vintage fashion business, What Clarice Wore and found on Instagram @whatclaricewore. Jane is a former programme director In social care and is passionate about personalised support.

    Jeanne Booth is championing live-work cohousing in Notts & Derbyshire and former owner of two art galleries & director of THiNK Good Business.

  • SOUP supporters

    We are extremely grateful for the people who help make our SOUP events happen including the staff community committee at Derby-based company, Lubrizol, the Institute of Mental Health, the artist-founder of the Hard Heads and Hang Ups Fund, Kelly Ann Holmes, Elisia Denton who initiated the first Notts Soup and our expert guides and panel members, Lubrizol employee and artist-musician Karen Clegg and Dr. Theo Stickley, Associate Prof in Arts and Mental Health at University of Nottingham.

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